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crikey – 1 in five blog visitors bought stuff from him!

on Oct15 2009

Hey there,

As you know, I love blogging, Twitter and all sorts of general online things.

I am trying to make a living it out of it, but I don’t like the whole “hard-sell”, “ram it down people’s throats” thang that I see people doing all over the bleedin’ Internet – and all the spamming!

In fact, what I’d love to do is make a modest income, nothing slly, but just enough for my girlfriend and I to quit our day-jobs and spend our days doing other, cool stuff. Ie, we’re not greedy :-)

So, I’m going to buy this, and put it into action, and I’m hoping it’s going to work!


It’s the creation of an 18 year-old, ex-furniture removal guy from my home town of Bournemouth, UK
(although I don’t know him…yet!) He only started online marketing January last year
and is making a solid $15,000 a month! The system is really simple, he spends a couple of hours market-researching and setting up a new site, then leaves it be. His clever methods mean that his sites rank really flippin high in google and convert like crazy (some as much as one in five visitors are buying stuff from him!)

(He calls it “GoogleSniper!”BAM!)

Basically, he’s getting loads of free traffic, from people who want to buy from him!

So I’m buying his course now, I’ll let you know how I get on with it.

Oh if you want to pick up a copy for yourself then go here…


For the sake of transparency in marketing – yes if you buy, I will get a small cut. But think of it like you are helping me and my girlfriend quit our jobs – see, it’s a good thing :-)

Peace and belgian waffles


Big Bad Phil gets BANNED!!

on Oct9 2009

From TWITTER no less!

My fave social networking site only went and flipping well suspended my account!

And there was me thinking that it was only dirty spammers and evil peeps that got into Twitter trouble!

All is fine now though – and there are no hard feelings between me and Twitter :-)

The problem is sorted and my account has been reinstated – so all is fine now, but I thought I’d use the silver-lining from this social media cloud to help my beloved readers – yes, YOU! (doofus)

So, if this ever happens to you – here’s what to do:

1 – Dont Panic! You could have been suspended for a large number of reasons, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve done anything wrong (like me – I hadn’t done anything wrong either!) Twitter operates a “play it safe” policy with what they call “suspicious behaviour” on your account, much in the same way that your bank might give you a call if they notice “suspicious activity” on your bank account – they’re doing it to protect you, so be cool with them!

2 – Send an email to Keep it very friendly, and just mention that you have noticed your account’s been suspended and you’d like them to review the decision. You could add that you understand the need for them to protect their users from bad evil spammers, but you are confident that they will see (from reading your tweets and looking at your account) that you are not one of those nasty types. I did just that and it seemed to work.

3 – You will receive an automatic response from Twitter explaining a few things about suspension. It’s pretty interesting stuff, so have a read, it will help you from getting suspended again (once your account is re-instated)

4 – Give it a day or so, (I know – this is the worst part!) then try and log on again. At this point my account jumped back into life, but if yours is still down, reply to the automated email from Twitter, restate your case and ask for them to look into the matter. Ask them to help you to avoid the situation again by letting know what you’ve done wrong. (Remember that email as a communication form lacks the subtext and tonality of normal conversation – so try extra hard to come across as keen to learn rather than defensive – ultimately they are the ones who will be making the decision to try not to pee them off!)

5 – Remember they are just trying to protect all their users! Approach them from that angle rather than “I hate you, you spolied my fun” and you should be ok. Unless of course you were being a dirty spammer, in which case you deserve all you get (not that any of my readers would spam – oh no).

6 – If all else fails – start again! Open a new account with a new name and “get back on ya hoss, cowboy”. It might be a pain to buid up your following again, but you’ve learnt a lesson, and at least you get another chance.

Ok, so now you’ve got your account back up and running, here’s how to avoid it happening again (or even prevent it in the first place):

1 – Watch what you Tweet! So many people try and post sales links and affiliate links in their Tweets and DMs (direct messages), and I genuinely despair at this! I know why they do it – they don’t know any better and they think they need to – but ask yourself this – do you go onto Twitter/Facebook etc to shop? No? Neither does anyone else in the world. They go to Amazon, ebay and a whole lot more besides but not social media sites!

No, like you and I, most people use social media sites to have fun, make new friends and chat! (and maybe to grow their businesses as well) So, post fun, interesting things that are of use to your readers and followers, tweet your blog posts, and tweet “@” messages to others to engage them in conversation. The more you do this, the more you can send people to your blog/site, and direct them to your mailing list and webinars, where you CAN sell to them. This is the best way to “sell” on social media and also to avoid account suspension.

2 – Be careful how quickly you unfollow people after following them. Now this is a bit of a grey area: most twitter experts acknowledge that the quickest way for us non-celebrities to amass a large following is by following lots of others, and then unfollowing those who do not follow back after a few days, allowing you to follow more, etc.
Now if you’re doing this on a small scale, you should be fine, but if you’re following 100s of people a day, and then unfollowing a load the next day, this might be viewed by Twitter as “account abuse”. Best thing to do is leave it around 3 days before you unfollow someone ( this is common sense too – you’ve got to give someone a fair chance to follow you back!)

3 – If you’ve used the “follow loads then unfollow the non-followers after a couple of days” method of growing your followers, DON’T then try to make yourself look really popular by unfollowing all of your followers at once! I know why people do it (if you’ve got 10,000 followers and you’re only following 30, it DOES look impressive, i agree) but Twitter can punish you for this. Basically, respect the people who have shown you the courtesy of following you and you’ll be fine.

4 – Be cool. In other words, treat other Tweeters how you would wish to be treated, watch your language and don’t have a rude piccie as your avatar. This is partly because Twitter will suspend people who get a lot of complaints against their name or those who get blocked by a lot of other people. It’s also partly because it’s a good strategy to have! Even if others are uncool to you. Seriously, social media is all about those all important social skills. Remember – be a Fonzie :-) (and for those of you not old enough to get that reference… I envy you!)

5 – You’re not a robot – so don’t Tweet like one! If you’re constantly posting the same content over and over again, or passing off other people’s Tweets off as your own (ie WITHOUT using “RT” at the start of the Tweet) then you’ll find you might get suspended. Basically, keep your Tweets fresh and interesting – this’ll help grow your following too!

Hope that helps – oh and if you want a copy of the email I used to get Twitter to reinstate my account – sign up to my newsletter over to the left, and reply to the email i send you with “suspended!” in the title – I’ll send it straight to you.

Peace and maple syrup drizzled pancakes

Phil :-D

Free Twitter Stuff

on Oct5 2009

Hey everyone,

So still on the Twitter quest – I have discovered this great website which gives out really useful Twitter applications – for FREE! There’s all sorts of cool gadgets and gizmos on there so go have a look and tell me what you think by leaving a comment below.

Here’s the link –

Peace and lime marmalade,

Phil :-)

Top Twitter Tips!

on Sep25 2009

Hey there,

So I know you’re all DESPERATE to take part in my SUPER-COOL and completely free Twitter tricks and tips webinar!

Well, It’s not quite ready to go, but just as a little taster for now, here are some top Twitter tips:

No 5: Tweet REGULARLY. Not every 5 mins or once every 5 weeks, but at least once a day, preferably twice or thrice! (I like that word – thrice. Feels funny on your tongue when you say it). Nothing annoys followers more than being bombarded by tweets from one person, in a short space of time.

No 4: DON’T SPAM. Actually, there is something that annoys followers more than “Tweet bombarding” – SPAMMING! Please don’t pimp your shizzle on Twitter (or any social media site) it just annoys people and they will unfollow you. It IS ok to post links – but make them links to things that give value, not trying to squeeze dollars out of people. Post links to your blog, to funny youtube videos, to freebies etc, but make it WORTHWHILE for your follower to click on.

No 3: Set up your account with a bit of thought. Your bio, picture and background theme will create your first impression with new followers so make it count! Make the bio interesting (include your link to your blog!) have a nice smiley picture of yourself and get a funky background theme. Most important thing is to STAND OUT :0)

(I use for downloading free themes)

No 2: Rotate your Tweet-style – If your last Tweet was a link, make the next one a fun joke or quote. Or an “@” tweet, engaging someone in conversation. MIX IT UP. Reason being – when someone looks at your profile and decides whether to follow you or not, the LAST thing they want to see is a long list of: link, link, link. Mix it up, keep it fun and friendly.

No 1: Have FUN! Like all social media sites, people come here to hang out and have fun. So post jokes, be engaging, enjoy yourself.

The more you focus on the fun aspect, the more people will want to come visit your blog. Once they come to your blog they can then find out more about you, sign up to your membership list, and ultimately WANT to become paying customers. This “soft-sell” approach is much “social-media” friendly and will get you MUCH better results than “hard-selling” or spamming.

OK, hope you enjoyed that, if you’ve got any Twitter tips to share with everyone then post ‘em below.

I’ll let you know the date of the Twitter webinar ASAP

Peace and blueberry muffins,

Phil :-D

this man KNOWS what he’s talking about…

on Sep6 2009

Hey there,

I’ve got a great video to share with you below, but BEFORE you watch it, thanks for all the comments asking to hear more about my system to grow Twitter followers super-quickly!

I’ll definitely be sharing it with you soon and I’ve come up with a great way of doing that. My original plan was to put together an ebook or even a short series of screen-captured videos BUT I think it’ll be a little more exciting to turn it into a webinar, so you can listen in live, and ask any questions you have during the webinar itself – sound cool?

So keep an eye on my blog and I’ll let you know the details of the webinar ASAP

Right, back to the video; this features a guy by the name of Gary Vaynerchuck and features some BRILLIANT advice for online entrepreneurs. If you’ve never heard of Gary, he’s an amazing chap who has made himself into an internet celebrity with his “winelibrarytv” videos (and made quite a bit of money too)

I SERIOUSLY recommend you pin your ears back, open your eyes WIDE and take on board EVERYTHING he says – it’s solid gold :-)


As always, let me know what you think and post a comment below.

Peace and pancakes with maple-syrup

Phil :-)


on Aug27 2009

Hey there, hope you’re well :-)

So a month ago I posted on this blog and stated that I was going to spend a month developing my Twitter following, with a view to breaking the 5000 follower barrier inside a month!

So how did I get on, I hear you ask?

Well…, if you want to look at it one way – I FAILED. I DIDN’T get 5000 followers within the month…

I DID manage to get 1235. Which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is still not to be sniffed at :-)

And, if I am being BRUTALLY honest – I really didn’t try very hard. Basically, I did my usual thing of putting in the effort for a week or so, then getting sidetracked and not following through. Cos I get really LAZY sometimes :-P

If I’d have stuck to the system properly, there’s no doubt in my mind, I would have made the 5000 goal.

So what is this amazing system for generating Twitter followers? Well I’m willing to share it with you, but I need to know that there’s enough interest first…

So if you want to learn my Twitter system, leave a comment below and once there’s enough interest, I’ll make a video about it, which you can have for free :-)

Peace and Maryland cookies,

Phil :-)

Just for fun – time to chill out for 3 minutes!

on Aug12 2009

Hey there,

If you’re a fellow student of Dean Holland in his “Starting With Marketing” academy, you’ve probably been working like mad for the last 2 days; working away on the third module of the course – all about driving traffic to your blog….

Even if you’re not a fellow student, I’m sure you could use a break, right? :-)

So I figured you could probably do with putting your feet up and taking a thoroughly well-earned rest for 3 mins, which is why I posted this clip. I think it’s the FUNNIEST thing on youtube at the moment (don’t worry, it’s clean and safe-for-work!)

Enjoy and leave a comment :-)

Peace and banoffee pie,


FREE Twitter tools, e-books, tips

on Aug8 2009

Hey there,

Hope you’re doing well – I’m having a great weekend, just been down the beach, surfing and chilling out :-)

Anyways, this week our mentor, Dean Holland, has been telling all of us Starting With Marketing students all about how brilliant Twitter is.

Not just is it a cool way to meet new people and to have fun, it’s also a great source of free traffic to your blog (or anywhere else you want to send it)…

But Twitter can be really confusing at first – which is why I’ve tracked down this FREE “giveaway” offer…

Click that link above and receive loads of free Twitter software, ebooks, tips and ALL ROUND GOOD STUFF!

Go on, click it, be a devil…

There’s seriously no catch, just lots of marketers going out of their way to impress you by giving you their best stuff free..

There ARE some additional offers for sale, which you may want to take a look at, but it’s completely NON-obligational and entirely up to you.

Let me know what you think of the free goodies :-)

Peace and strawberry jam,


The REAL DEAL. No “ifs”, no “buts”.

on Jul30 2009


I had a really good response to the last “inspirational” post, so I thought I’d treat you to some more inspirational goodness…

But before I do that, really quickly, just to let you know that Dean Holland’s course, “Starting With Marketing” is REALLY coming along, I’m looking forward to getting stuck into module 2 which is going to be all about using social media to grow our businesses.

Pretty cool. eh? I’m going to share some of the tips (not all of them cos that aint far on Dean) with you once I’m up to speed with it :-)

Actually, I’ve started a little project on Twitter to see how many followers I can get in a month. I’m up to 130 already and I only started 3 days ago! My target is 5000 by the 27th August and WHEN (not IF!) I do, I’ll share my methods with you… so stay tuned, keep checking this blog as I’ll share some goodies along the way… am I good to you or what? ;)

So, as promised, a little more “Instant Inspiration – In a Can”….

How do you feel now? READY TO GO? YEAH? YEAH!!!!!

As always, let me know below!

Cool beans,

Phil :)


on Jul27 2009

Before you think I’ve finally flipped out and made the long last trip over the rainbow to munchkin land, let me explain what that headline is all about!

Read on and all will be revealed…

So I went surfing again tonight, I’m getting better but each time I still fall off more than I stay up!

There’s times when I think to myself – “I’m putting a lot of effort in here, and not getting much in the way of results, other than swallowing a lot of sea water and getting banged on the head by a surfboard”…

Now, I’d never give up because I love it too much, but this kind of thinking is the type that makes you consider throwing in the towel…

And its a DIRTY, STINKING TRAP! For real, let me explain…

Have you ever push-started a car? If so then you’ll know that those first few steps to actually get the car rolling are the hardest; once you take a few more paces and build up momentum, the car almost rolls itself..

Build up momentum. Those are the key words there. BURN THEM IN YOUR BRAIN!

Inertia. Its a basic law of physics, things that are stationary require lots more effort to get them moving than to keep them going once they’re moving.

It’s the same with learning a new skill (like surfing) or starting a new project (like building an online business).

The hard part is seeing the end result, and seeing how much easier it WILL get whilst you’re still taking those first few steps.

So I thought I’d write this post, as a little mini-inspirational “pick me up” to my fellow Dean Holland “Starting With Marketing” students/friends, so when the going gets tough, you can come here and feel all re-inspired (not quite “Instant-Inspairation-In-A-Can”, I’m still working on the recipe to that, but when I do, that product launch is gonna be HUGE!) :-)

Remember, Dean is teaching us how to push-start our “online business” cars. They’ll be heavy and tiring at first, and they’ll be times when we all feel like giving up, but together we can push harder, turn the ignition, and accelerate off into online success!

Peace , and as always, let me know what you think :-)


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