crikey – 1 in five blog visitors bought stuff from him!

on Oct15 2009

Hey there,

As you know, I love blogging, Twitter and all sorts of general online things.

I am trying to make a living it out of it, but I don’t like the whole “hard-sell”, “ram it down people’s throats” thang that I see people doing all over the bleedin’ Internet – and all the spamming!

In fact, what I’d love to do is make a modest income, nothing slly, but just enough for my girlfriend and I to quit our day-jobs and spend our days doing other, cool stuff. Ie, we’re not greedy :-)

So, I’m going to buy this, and put it into action, and I’m hoping it’s going to work!


It’s the creation of an 18 year-old, ex-furniture removal guy from my home town of Bournemouth, UK
(although I don’t know him…yet!) He only started online marketing January last year
and is making a solid $15,000 a month! The system is really simple, he spends a couple of hours market-researching and setting up a new site, then leaves it be. His clever methods mean that his sites rank really flippin high in google and convert like crazy (some as much as one in five visitors are buying stuff from him!)

(He calls it “GoogleSniper!”BAM!)

Basically, he’s getting loads of free traffic, from people who want to buy from him!

So I’m buying his course now, I’ll let you know how I get on with it.

Oh if you want to pick up a copy for yourself then go here…


For the sake of transparency in marketing – yes if you buy, I will get a small cut. But think of it like you are helping me and my girlfriend quit our jobs – see, it’s a good thing :-)

Peace and belgian waffles


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2 excellent Responses

  1. 1 Arleen Bothwell Says:


    on Oct15 09

    You might be wary of the “sniper” part. No one outwits Google for long. If you want this, get in, grab what you can, but don’t count on it for the long term. All that, of course, if it does deliver for you.

    Almost anything offered these days will work for you, but the age old question that will never be resolved is, “Will you work it?” 90% of this guy’s sales, at best, are to people who kick the tires a few times, and then shuffle on somewhere else to basically repeat the process.

  2. 2 Phil Ainsworth Says:


    on Oct22 09

    Thanks for the advice Arleen, I took the plunge in the end.

    I’ve read the course and to be honest – it seems pretty solid and easy to follow.

    I’m currently building my first “sniper site” (don’t worry, it’s not really about outwitting google – its actually more about giving google what it wants) and I’ll let everyone know on here how it goes.

    And yes i agree, 90 % of people are ultimately tyre-kickers. I’m a determined son of a gun though – and you seem like you are too :-)

    Peace and hot chocolate,


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