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on Aug8 2009

Hey there,

Hope you’re doing well – I’m having a great weekend, just been down the beach, surfing and chilling out :-)

Anyways, this week our mentor, Dean Holland, has been telling all of us Starting With Marketing students all about how brilliant Twitter is.

Not just is it a cool way to meet new people and to have fun, it’s also a great source of free traffic to your blog (or anywhere else you want to send it)…

But Twitter can be really confusing at first – which is why I’ve tracked down this FREE “giveaway” offer…

Click that link above and receive loads of free Twitter software, ebooks, tips and ALL ROUND GOOD STUFF!

Go on, click it, be a devil…

There’s seriously no catch, just lots of marketers going out of their way to impress you by giving you their best stuff free..

There ARE some additional offers for sale, which you may want to take a look at, but it’s completely NON-obligational and entirely up to you.

Let me know what you think of the free goodies :-)

Peace and strawberry jam,


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9 excellent Responses

  1. 1 Huddson Lee Says:


    on Aug9 09

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve been bombarded by all the latest gadgets and tricks and videos and more about how to use Twitter…….far too many than I can handle!!

    I’ll save those links and have a look later. I need to knock off early today so i can get up at 3am to listen to Dean’s call(what’s he thinking??)

    Talk soon,


  2. 2 Craig Crawford Says:


    on Aug9 09

    Hey phil mate! nice blog :) Looking nice and smart!
    Yer i’ll check out those links, Thanks :)
    Hope my newbies intro helped a bit!
    Cheers mate.

  3. 3 Avis Williams Says:


    on Aug9 09

    Hi Phil

    Thanks for the share, free twitter tools cool, I will check it out :-)


  4. 4 Malcolm.t.Mckinnell (Alex and Dean Student ) Says:


    on Aug10 09

    Hey Phil

    How’s it going mate..??

    Yeah! Giveaways are a great source …

    What you need to do is get on the other side and be one of the contributors !!

    Site is looking very polished…!!

    Stay Cool.


  5. 5 Ralph Says:


    on Aug10 09

    Thanks for keeping in touch–pretty cool what Dean announced Sunday,although I have been so impressed with things so far I have been anticipating this opportunity and will jump on it when it is ready.

    Keep up the good work,

  6. 6 Trudi Harrison Says:


    on Aug12 09

    Hey Phil,

    Peace & Strawberry Jam??? Peace & Cadburys Dairy Milk Chocolate (large bar) for me! Your Blog looks great, every time i look at a SWM student blog it reminds me i need to spend some more time improving mine ;-)
    I’m going to download your free Twitter stuff – many thanks for that

    I’ll pass by again soon


  7. 7 Nina Says:


    on Aug13 09

    aw Phil, I didn’t realise you were on twitter otherwise I would’ve followed you.

    I hope you’re doing OK. I started a blogspot to encourage myself to write about my summer off, but it’s going downhill already.

    I’ll be back in Poole in two weeks, we are renting a house. I’m applying for lots of jobs but my clerky past seems to be calling me back. I’m holding out for as long as I can.


  8. 8 Jacalyn Price Says:


    on Sep5 09

    Hi- Thanks for the Information. I am still working on my first blog.
    Will check out the ebook for more help.
    Now following you on twitter.
    Will visit your site again

  9. 9 Tweets that mention FREE Twitter tools, e-books, tips | Phil's blog -- Says:


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