Getting more subscribers on your email list

on Jul25 2012

Hi guys!

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet lately, I’ve been ill in bed for the fast few days :-O

Anyway, I’ve been trying out some new list-building strategies and have managed to add 1000 subscribers to a new list in less than 2 weeks! Check out the video below…


Hope this will inspire and encourage you :-)

Feel free to leave your comments below :-)

More Email marketing and listbuilding tips to come soon, once I’m well again,

Phil Ainsworth

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3 excellent Responses

  1. 1 Barry Huddleston Says:


    on Jul25 12

    I can’t wait until you share how you received so many subscribers in a short time.

    Hope you get well.

  2. 2 frederick Says:


    on Jul26 12

    Hi Phil,
    If you feel like you sound, you have my sympathy.
    Try lemon juice in warm water..but NO sugar :-)
    and water it down with some Scotch…it might not fix the flu but you wont care so much!! :-) Bourbon works just as well !

    My mum and I used to visit Bournemouth on the weekends.
    Mum used to have a tiny little house in Poole, which used to be a tiny fishing village in those days. We used to get the green line bus from London.
    That was in 1945 Yes 1945.
    The greenline bus depot was near a big round-about near a park that led down to the beach, and there was a stream that I used to paddle in.
    and there used to be a Lyons Corner House. I was about six years old.
    Why don’t you try Australia? It’s mid-winter and 20 degrees celsius.
    hug yourself daily

  3. 3 Jesisco Says:


    on Jul28 12

    Hi Phil

    Very impressive results. Hope you will a piece of this technique with us. Waiting for your next updates.

    - Jesisco

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