Wotcha, how’s it going?

on Jul22 2009

Sit down, make yourself comfy – I’ll get the kettle on!

Loads to talk about – I’m so excited – my first post on my own personal blog!

I am TERRIBLE with computers, but I managed to set up this blog and the site pretty much myself, following the great coaching that I’m getting on Dean Holland’s “Starting With Marketing” course. He’s taken us through registering domain names, getting hosting and setting up our blogs…. I NEVER thought it would be this easy to set up a website! And to think I once paid someone £200 to do this for me!

Anyway, here’s a bit about me:- I live in sunny Bournemouth, on the South Coast of the UK, with my long-suffering girlfriend, Katie. I love surfing, performing magic and mentalism, hypnosis, live music, stand-up comedy and anything that makes me laugh. Oh, I also help guys to become better with women by coaching them in all aspects of dating.

I currently work for a bank full-time, although one of my (many) goals is to earn enough from my online ventures to become my own boss.

Anyway, that’s enough about me… what about you? Leave a comment telling me about yourself, your blog address and I’ll pop over and see you



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8 excellent Responses

  1. 1 Brian Wolfe Says:


    on Jul24 09

    Hey Phil! I’ll have a cup of Earl Gray, if I might!

    The place is looking good! I know what you mean about £200 to set up a site. I used to run a web design company – I’ve charged $1,500 for one of these with a custom theme before! It’s easy to do once you do it, but you never know until someone shows you how, eh?

    I’m glad we’ve got Dean Holland on our side, for sure! I’m inclined to believe that you will make quite the name for yourself out here!

    Here’s to success!

  2. 2 Avis Williams Says:


    on Jul24 09

    Hi Phil..

    Lovely your website..its starting to come together :-)

    I am really excited about working and meeting like minded people, who want the same things in life..I know doing Dean Hollands coaching will take us to where we want to be..as Dean saids “believe and acheive”

    To our success

  3. 3 Mark Terrell Says:


    on Jul24 09

    Hey Phil

    You have made the first step, well done.

    I have been on Alex Jeffreys coaching course and now on deans to help.

    I will be popping over here

    Mark Terrell

  4. 4 Heather Reh Says:


    on Jul24 09

    Great Blog.
    We share a lot of the same interests.

    Good luck in your new venture.. Its great to be part of dean Hollnands program

    Heather Reh

  5. 5 Phil Ainsworth Says:


    on Jul26 09

    Wow, thanks for you comments guys, I’m heading over to your blogs now to check them out….

    I’m going to change the theme though, I want something that fits my personality better – I only chose this to get a blog up quickly!


  6. 6 Craig Crawford Says:


    on Jul26 09

    Nice site Phil Coming along nicely! and a nice story there too!
    made me laugh… when you said *Massive Labrador* lol
    Reminds me of when people are scared of spiders! And they ask you to get rid of one…
    They suddenly go from the size of a bottle top to the size on an elephant when they tell you about it,lol “look its in the bath! its MASSIVE! get it out, get it out”

  7. 7 Carolyn Cordon Says:


    on Jul30 09

    If you love surfing why do you live in England? Come to Australia, thousands of others have. Not all of them are convicts.
    This site looks fantastic. I’m with Blogger and WordPress, free sites, but it is so restrictive on what you can do. I’m Hoping Dean Holland will help me find better ways to blog.

  8. 8 Wade Gardner Says:


    on Oct22 09

    Hi Phil,
    This is Wade Gardner and your Blog information is fantastic. I have to read more to understand the connection setups: i.e., Autoresponder to clickbank, to blogs, site lists, et.al. I like it and will continue working with it. Thanks.

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