Just for fun – time to chill out for 3 minutes!

on Aug12 2009

Hey there,

If you’re a fellow student of Dean Holland in his “Starting With Marketing” academy, you’ve probably been working like mad for the last 2 days; working away on the third module of the course – all about driving traffic to your blog….

Even if you’re not a fellow student, I’m sure you could use a break, right? :-)

So I figured you could probably do with putting your feet up and taking a thoroughly well-earned rest for 3 mins, which is why I posted this clip. I think it’s the FUNNIEST thing on youtube at the moment (don’t worry, it’s clean and safe-for-work!)

Enjoy and leave a comment :-)

Peace and banoffee pie,


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11 excellent Responses

  1. 1 adrian chan Says:


    on Aug13 09

    Hey phil, i just listened to that video and i had a good laugh mate! :)
    that was awesome, i think she did a good job for an 8 year old..
    Good to see you onboard the swma coach’n.
    Keep up the consistency phil i know it’l pay off for all of us eventually, especially once we start receiving really good traffic.!:)

  2. 2 Rob Canyon Says:


    on Aug13 09


    This is hilarious. Thanks for the break in the action.



  3. 3 Avis Williams Says:


    on Aug13 09

    Thats very funny :-) …love little Beckys irish accent, thanks for sharing this you have brighted up my day.

    Am going on youtube now to check out other Little Beckys prank calls


  4. 4 Kerie Hinchliffe Says:


    on Aug13 09

    Hi Phil

    That was great :-) I had a real good laugh. Keep the good work up.


  5. 5 Roger Neumann Says:


    on Aug13 09

    Hi Phil
    How are you going to do it, blow it up or tear it down? That was great and I think we should laugh more. Keep it going.

    Roger Neumann

    Go out and make it a successful day! :-)

  6. 6 Phil Ainsworth Says:


    on Aug13 09

    Aww thanks guys,

    Pleased to hear you enjoyed that as much as I did.

    I think I’m going to make funny posts a regular thing on this blog, I want to keep it light-hearted without TOO much internet marketing seriousness :-S

    Anyway, come back soon guys, they’ll be more cool stuff soon :-)

    Peace and marmite,


  7. 7 Ed Rubi Says:


    on Aug16 09

    Ha. Comedy break and a coffee break (like your blog header). Thank you, and I take cream with my coffee if you would. :)
    Thanks for the break in the action. Laughter is therapeutic and we all need some from time to time.

    Thanks again,


  8. 8 Andy Michaels Says:


    on Aug16 09

    Hi Phil,

    I’m sure that your blog looks different from the last time I was here. And I loved that video. Wish I’d thought of that when I was at school.

    And it can’t all be about working and marketing. A laugh is as good as a rest.


  9. 9 Stefan Says:


    on Aug17 09

    Britain huh. ;) Amusing clip anyhow.

  10. 10 Tom Shaw Says:


    on Aug18 09

    Hi Phil,
    When i get my line speed back up(third week running at125kbps)i will check it out.
    Have you seen ”special one TV”on u tube

    Tom Shaw.

  11. 11 Phil Ainsworth Says:


    on Sep1 09

    Special one TV?

    “He is fantastic! I am fantastic! BE CHAMPIONS!”

    Mate I love it, sadly there will be no more with the demise of Setanta Sports:-(

    Lets hope Sky see the funny side and resurrect it :-)


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