Learning marketing tricks – from a dog!

on Jul26 2009

I’m a great believer in the idea that life teaches us lessons everywhere we look for it, and teachers can be anyone too…

Let me explain that a funny thing happened to me today.

You see, I don’t mind animals, but having never had a house pet, I’ve never really fancied the idea. My girlfriend however is ALWAYS banging on about getting a cat or a dog… the thought of an animal running round my home, moulting, messing and destroying everything….  EUUWWW! NO WAY! is the usual thought that crosses my mind whenever she asks…

But something very strange happened today…

We went over to her parents’ house, to discover that they are currently “dogsitting” a friend’s Highland Terrier, while she’s on holiday…

This little dog, called Daisy has GOT to be the cutest, most adorable little thing I’ve ever known… I TRIED not to like it (REALLY I did!) but she won me over when we took her for a walk around the village, then took her off her lead and let her run around the park.

I SWEAR this dog is the friendliest, most fun-loving, adventurous little thing and within about 5 mins I found myself running around with her, playing – trust me this is REALLY out of character for me, I’ve never liked dogs (not since I got bitten by a MASSIVE Labrador when I was a paperboy)

And pretty soon I got to thinking about how I might like a little doggie myself… and how I could make that happen ( I live on the 3rd floor in an apartment block and both my girl and I work full-time so not really practical at the mo)

And then it hit me what had happened.


the free trial!

Essentially, taking the friends’ dog for a walk, running around the park was a “free trial” of dog ownership – a “free sample”, if you like…

And it COMPLETELY bypassed my “I don’t want a pet” thinking by just showing me how much I could enjoying having one…

To turn this lesson into a marketing one, just imagine if someone was trying to sell you something by RAMMING IT DOWN YOUR THROAT – you know what I mean, we’ve all come up against pushy sales people…

Well, if someone is “selling” something really hard at you – the automatic human reaction is think of reasons NOT to buy (they call these “objections” in sales terminology)

BUT if that person gives you something to try for free… well you get to experience it, see what it’s like, get a feel for whether its RIGHT for you or not, in short it makes you WANT it more!

Heck – they don’t even need to ask for the sale – you’ll probably be begging to buy!

Even if you decide that it’s not right for you and you give it back – I bet you’d be 10 times more likely to recommend it to a friend of yours that you think might like it than if someone was PRESSURE SELLING at you…

 See, it’s not just Dean Holland and Alex Jeffries that can teach us tricks – you can get extra ones EVERYWHERE!

Peace,  and let me know if you’ve had any experiences like this!


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