Super Simple Giveaway Guide :-)

on Feb28 2012

Giveaways… I bet you’ve heard that these are a great way for newbies to build a list, maybe you’ve even used them? Well, check out another KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) guide to listbuilding methods…

As always, leave your comments below and let me know what you think :-)

Peace and chocolate buttons,

Phil Ainsworth

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One excellent Response

  1. 1 Tim Junck Says:


    on May26 12

    Stupid? I think I am. I worked giveaway events a bit, and a couple years ago.

    When something is working, though slowly – I don’t think I should have given up on it since I didn’t truly have anything BETTER. SO long story short, slow growth * 12 months = Decent List Growth, right? Doh!

    I’m only a few minutes into your video, Phil.

    And guess what I am learning? Your tiny whiteboard there is AWESOME! I gotta gotta get me one of them suckers to do videos like this! Sweet…

    Thanks, man. That should help me make MORE videos and better videos here really soon. Awesome!

    Question: Any chance you’ve split-tested the COLOR of your whiteboard? I mean, there are pink boards and pale blue boards, yeah? :)

    I sure hope that a few of the years-being-neglected people in my Aweber lists will still click through my giveaway links. Bringing in my share of traffic is likely my biggest worry at the current moment.

    You also mention the upgrade options. That’s a topic I hope to learn about soon. With some modest profits from participating FREE, I will soon be able to RE-invest some profits into event upgrades.

    And you talk as well about putting ON the giveaway events. Nice video, mate!

    Coby Wright and Ninja Giveaway event hosting – there’s a topic for me to look up (or search in your blog search box?).

    VERY Glad I stumbled upon your blog.

    And I already know I’ll be reading your post about getting banned (and then welcomed back to the party) over at Twitter.

    Tim Junck

    P.S. Ah, yes – you encourage me to drop my email in your opt-in form. Good call!

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