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on Aug8 2009

Hey there,

Hope you’re doing well – I’m having a great weekend, just been down the beach, surfing and chilling out :-)

Anyways, this week our mentor, Dean Holland, has been telling all of us Starting With Marketing students all about how brilliant Twitter is.

Not just is it a cool way to meet new people and to have fun, it’s also a great source of free traffic to your blog (or anywhere else you want to send it)…

But Twitter can be really confusing at first – which is why I’ve tracked down this FREE “giveaway” offer…

Click that link above and receive loads of free Twitter software, ebooks, tips and ALL ROUND GOOD STUFF!

Go on, click it, be a devil…

There’s seriously no catch, just lots of marketers going out of their way to impress you by giving you their best stuff free..

There ARE some additional offers for sale, which you may want to take a look at, but it’s completely NON-obligational and entirely up to you.

Let me know what you think of the free goodies :-)

Peace and strawberry jam,





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