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on Jul30 2009


I had a really good response to the last “inspirational” post, so I thought I’d treat you to some more inspirational goodness…

But before I do that, really quickly, just to let you know that Dean Holland’s course, “Starting With Marketing” is REALLY coming along, I’m looking forward to getting stuck into module 2 which is going to be all about using social media to grow our businesses.

Pretty cool. eh? I’m going to share some of the tips (not all of them cos that aint far on Dean) with you once I’m up to speed with it :-)

Actually, I’ve started a little project on Twitter to see how many followers I can get in a month. I’m up to 130 already and I only started 3 days ago! My target is 5000 by the 27th August and WHEN (not IF!) I do, I’ll share my methods with you… so stay tuned, keep checking this blog as I’ll share some goodies along the way… am I good to you or what? ;)

So, as promised, a little more “Instant Inspiration – In a Can”….

How do you feel now? READY TO GO? YEAH? YEAH!!!!!

As always, let me know below!

Cool beans,

Phil :)


on Jul27 2009

Before you think I’ve finally flipped out and made the long last trip over the rainbow to munchkin land, let me explain what that headline is all about!

Read on and all will be revealed…

So I went surfing again tonight, I’m getting better but each time I still fall off more than I stay up!

There’s times when I think to myself – “I’m putting a lot of effort in here, and not getting much in the way of results, other than swallowing a lot of sea water and getting banged on the head by a surfboard”…

Now, I’d never give up because I love it too much, but this kind of thinking is the type that makes you consider throwing in the towel…

And its a DIRTY, STINKING TRAP! For real, let me explain…

Have you ever push-started a car? If so then you’ll know that those first few steps to actually get the car rolling are the hardest; once you take a few more paces and build up momentum, the car almost rolls itself..

Build up momentum. Those are the key words there. BURN THEM IN YOUR BRAIN!

Inertia. Its a basic law of physics, things that are stationary require lots more effort to get them moving than to keep them going once they’re moving.

It’s the same with learning a new skill (like surfing) or starting a new project (like building an online business).

The hard part is seeing the end result, and seeing how much easier it WILL get whilst you’re still taking those first few steps.

So I thought I’d write this post, as a little mini-inspirational “pick me up” to my fellow Dean Holland “Starting With Marketing” students/friends, so when the going gets tough, you can come here and feel all re-inspired (not quite “Instant-Inspairation-In-A-Can”, I’m still working on the recipe to that, but when I do, that product launch is gonna be HUGE!) :-)

Remember, Dean is teaching us how to push-start our “online business” cars. They’ll be heavy and tiring at first, and they’ll be times when we all feel like giving up, but together we can push harder, turn the ignition, and accelerate off into online success!

Peace , and as always, let me know what you think :-)





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