Quit my job.. now I’m a full-time IMer!

on Feb9 2011

Wotcha :-)

Hope you are doing really well, sorry it’s been so long since I updated but I am INCREDIBLY lazy when it comes to blog posts.

There, I said it. The truth, no “too busy” excuses.

I promise to be less lazy in future :-P

So I just wanted to share with you all that I have taken the brave (and some would say stupid) step of quitting my full time job to become a full-time IMer! I am loving the new found freedom and extra time this step has brought me, but it’s also pretty terrifying at the same time :-O )

Anyway, you guys are going to benefit from this as I now have lots more time to create lots more cool free stuff to give you (and of course, the odd paid product too :-)

Currently in my product creation lab:

A free video detailing the reasons behind my massive decision to quit my job (warning – I’m going to bare my soul here!) and how you can too.

A free ebook on List-building – how you can get started quickly and easily on building a list of raving fans and paying customers to bring you in wonga (or cash, if you’re not from the UK) on autopilot.

A low price, high-value series of training modules with TOP marketers on “Lightning-Fast List-Building” where they share their secrets with you on SUPER SPEED listbuilding. The 3 guys in the modules have grown lists that total 280,000 subscribers between the three of them! And fast too… the subject in module one grew a list of 8,000 subs in his first 30 days online!

My first membership site, which will be dedicated to advanced listbuilding strategies. Obviously, I can’t share too many of the details until its ready… but this will be a based around the idea of a club of listbuilders who all help each other, on top of all the regular listbuilding training that I will deliver to you. coaching calls and interviews with top listbuilding experts. This is going to seriously ROCK. And don’t worry, it’s going to be really inexpensive too.

If you want to be kept posted about all these things, make sure you keep an eye on emails from me and I will make sure you are the first to know about it… If you’re not on my list, enter your name and email in the form to the left of this post and grab a free couple of ebooks from me as a thankyou for your trouble.

Peace and blueberry muffins

Phil Ainsworth




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