Wotcha, how’s it going?

on Jul22 2009

Sit down, make yourself comfy – I’ll get the kettle on!

Loads to talk about – I’m so excited – my first post on my own personal blog!

I am TERRIBLE with computers, but I managed to set up this blog and the site pretty much myself, following the great coaching that I’m getting on Dean Holland’s “Starting With Marketing” course. He’s taken us through registering domain names, getting hosting and setting up our blogs…. I NEVER thought it would be this easy to set up a website! And to think I once paid someone £200 to do this for me!

Anyway, here’s a bit about me:- I live in sunny Bournemouth, on the South Coast of the UK, with my long-suffering girlfriend, Katie. I love surfing, performing magic and mentalism, hypnosis, live music, stand-up comedy and anything that makes me laugh. Oh, I also help guys to become better with women by coaching them in all aspects of dating.

I currently work for a bank full-time, although one of my (many) goals is to earn enough from my online ventures to become my own boss.

Anyway, that’s enough about me… what about you? Leave a comment telling me about yourself, your blog address and I’ll pop over and see you






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