Top Twitter Tips!

on Sep25 2009

Hey there,

So I know you’re all DESPERATE to take part in my SUPER-COOL and completely free Twitter tricks and tips webinar!

Well, It’s not quite ready to go, but just as a little taster for now, here are some top Twitter tips:

No 5: Tweet REGULARLY. Not every 5 mins or once every 5 weeks, but at least once a day, preferably twice or thrice! (I like that word – thrice. Feels funny on your tongue when you say it). Nothing annoys followers more than being bombarded by tweets from one person, in a short space of time.

No 4: DON’T SPAM. Actually, there is something that annoys followers more than “Tweet bombarding” – SPAMMING! Please don’t pimp your shizzle on Twitter (or any social media site) it just annoys people and they will unfollow you. It IS ok to post links – but make them links to things that give value, not trying to squeeze dollars out of people. Post links to your blog, to funny youtube videos, to freebies etc, but make it WORTHWHILE for your follower to click on.

No 3: Set up your account with a bit of thought. Your bio, picture and background theme will create your first impression with new followers so make it count! Make the bio interesting (include your link to your blog!) have a nice smiley picture of yourself and get a funky background theme. Most important thing is to STAND OUT :0)

(I use for downloading free themes)

No 2: Rotate your Tweet-style – If your last Tweet was a link, make the next one a fun joke or quote. Or an “@” tweet, engaging someone in conversation. MIX IT UP. Reason being – when someone looks at your profile and decides whether to follow you or not, the LAST thing they want to see is a long list of: link, link, link. Mix it up, keep it fun and friendly.

No 1: Have FUN! Like all social media sites, people come here to hang out and have fun. So post jokes, be engaging, enjoy yourself.

The more you focus on the fun aspect, the more people will want to come visit your blog. Once they come to your blog they can then find out more about you, sign up to your membership list, and ultimately WANT to become paying customers. This “soft-sell” approach is much “social-media” friendly and will get you MUCH better results than “hard-selling” or spamming.

OK, hope you enjoyed that, if you’ve got any Twitter tips to share with everyone then post ‘em below.

I’ll let you know the date of the Twitter webinar ASAP

Peace and blueberry muffins,

Phil :-D




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